Jiggy from Australia

The scariest part of a body mod, in particular a tongue split in my case, is the uncertainty. When you choose Shawn, have no such fear.

This is just the second review I’ve ever written so bear with me.
When I chose to get my tongue split, I had many questions, many worries, many reservations. These were quickly doused when I decided to go with Shawn. He responds in an unreasonably fast time; That’s to say, it would be unreasonable for anyone to expect the such prompt responses he gives. With his decades of experience, I was worried he might’ve lost the personal touch. This surely wasn’t the case. He and his mate walk you through the whole procedure, with sensitivity and sympathy. Took me all of 20 minutes. The process is quick and painless (the reco, not so much but completely safe) and he responds to all messages after as well. I won’t give an exact number but when you look up the price of this procedure, every single internet response is between X-Y, based on experience level of the professional. And somehow Shawn’s prices are bang on half X, beyond fair. Upon deposit, your appointment is cemented! and he starts getting into even more detail, answering questions, some you’ve yet to think of. So you really don’t have to think, he does it for you.

If you’re keen on a tongue split or body mod, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not go with Shawn. Cheers!